What we BUY... Books, Maps, Post Cards, etc.


We are interested in purchasing collections, accumulations, and single piecesof quality books, maps, postcards, photographs, and other ephemera.

Some examples follow, but this is NOT an exhaustive list. Feel free to contact us to discuss any items you may want to sell.




Signed by the author, subject, or someone associated with the book


Leather and Fine bindings


Limited editions


Early Printing (before 1800)


Collections/Accumulations regarding a particular subject (i.e. Kansas History; Ornithology;Quilting; Psychoanalysis; Railroad/Trains; First Editions; Lincoln; etc.)


Children’s Books prior to 1960


Any books with hand colored plates


Small/Local Press


Books with maps prior to 1920s


Kansas History


County Plat Atlases prior to 1930


Other Atlases prior to 1880


School books prior to 1860


Teacher’s folios prior to 1970


Books with real photographs tipped in


Fine/Decorative Bindings


Easton/Franklin/Gryphon Press (100 Greatest Books of All Time; Signed First Editions; NRA Reprints; Classics of Psychiatry, Medicine,Neurology; Etc.) and other similar decorative leather bound

works in Fine Condition.


Folio Society books in Fine Condition


The Arthur H. Clark Company

R. Donnelley / TheLakesidePress



ANYTHING related to Martin and Osa Johnson

ANYTHING related to Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed

                                     Elizabeth Burnaby

                                     Elizabeth Main

                                     Elizabeth Le Blond




Any maps prior to 1870


Kansas prior to 1960s (though mostly collections/accumulations if post 1880)


Any folding/pocket maps prior to 1920


Collections/accumulations of folding road maps prior to 1960


County Plat Atlases prior to 1930


Other Atlases prior to 1880





Real Photo




Other holiday cards in Fine condition


Collections/Accumulations of cards mostly before 1930





Showing identified homes, business’s buildings, and other places, prior to 1970


Events (i.e. county fair, rodeo’s parades, pageants, prior to 1950


Military/War prior to 1946


Famous people/events


Collections/Accumulations mostly prior to 1880


Tin Types


Glass Plates





Famous/well known individuals


Groups/Organizations prior to 1960


Detailing events, lifestyles, etc. (i.e. early Topeka; Travel; Musicians; Hippies; Circus; Military; Farming/Ranching; Exploration; Etc.